about current developers experiences. I had to learn vba for work, and since I am gaining familiarity with VBA, I was interested in getting active VB.net developers opinions on is vb.net a logical next step for someone who is interested in gaining experience in programming? I confess that I don't know much about programing. I attempted to start years ago and never stuck with it, but now since I had to learn VBA I at least have somewhat of a base. I have read mixed things regarding VB.net and just wanted to know is it a good language to learn or if there are limitations with the language that make people not use as frequently when they mature as developers.

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I think, it depends on your needs. What kind of software do you want to make. If you want to make web-based applications, one would learn php, if you are making software to be installed on individual computers, I use VB.NET for this.

I make my applications with VB.NET and I like it, I have been able to make what I need. I will be doing php in the near future too, for the sake of web-based apps.

Others will give their views.
Good luck!

@SavedLema I think you should be more clear when saying (if you want to develop computer installed software then you can use VB.NET) I think its for Windows based OS but now there are chances for your software to run on other none Windows OSs.

But what I can tell the OP is that VB.NET is easy to learn, it is close to human language (english) when generating/writing codes. But I personally suggest you add some other languages at a later stage such as Java, C/C++ because if you are planning to go deep sometime there are one or two things that will require you develop your own sort of SDK or API to mount with VB.NET to gain access to other more complex, high stuffs.

But as a starter VB.NET is the good choice.

Mr.M, Yes, VB.NET for Windows environment, I agree.

Thanks everyone for the responses. I really appreciate it. After researching it more, I think that I would be better suited to learn Python or C#. I'm interested in learning how to program so that I can automate trading strategies. I don't think much of this is done in Visual Basic from what I've read.

I think that is the better choice. My feeling is that vb.net is gradually being phased out on favour of C#. Python is always a good chooice regardless but C# is easier (because of visual studio) for building GUI based apps.

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