Okay so let me start by saying I have a pretty decent c++ base and very advanced logic skills. So whatever help you will have to provide will probably be minimal. So here's my problem: I've been trying to figure out the best way to organize all my Magic: The Gathering cards. I've bought boxes, drawers, etc etc. I came to the conclusion the only way for me to have the freedom to sort and browse my cards the way I want is to put them all in a database, then just simply alphabetize the physical cards. I know how to do this with zero trouble. The only things I need help with are: Being able to import an existing database of ALL MtG cards, so when I'm populating my list, I can simply just put in card name. No need for rules text, cost, etc. There are a ton of oracle programs for MtG I'm just not familiar enough with code to make my program interface with it. Secondly, I want to experiment with a browser based version of the same thing. My friend owns a card shop and if I can streamline this enough, he may want to use it so customers can find what they need more quickly.

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Can you export your data base from Oracle to a spreadsheet like Excel ... as a csv file ... or csv files ?

If so, then you can easily code for a C++ program to input and parse each csv line from that file / those files ...

Put/parse each line into a C++ data record ( a C++ struct or class ) ...

Use a C++ container (a vector, or a ist, or a map) to hold each data record.

Then code for what you want to do with that data ...

But maybe, you might like to look at doing this is a (more) web friendly language like Python ?

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