erm.. greetings again

i have this database system using access and i need to look through another remote computer for files using Remote Administrator 2.2. how do i get started? as in to run the application and searching through folders in remote computer to get a certain txt file.. thats about it. definitions, declarations, reference and those Set whatever = this.that( ) etc2 would do, not the entire code.. is it even possible?

thanks in advance

I don't believe so.... as far as I know, remote administrator doesn't have public classes and objects. If you want to control it with VB, I would guess it's possible with sendkeys or something nuts, but that's really fickle and doesn't work very well..... do you have complete access to this other machine already? If so, you could build a server program in VB and then build the client for it.....

oh.. in that case. i guess i'll have to find some other method then. i'll try the server client thing.


erm.. i decided to try using rcp on command prompt.. so now i'm to create a program for each PC to send a certain file to a central server of some sort. how do i go about this? how to create program that opens command prompt and write on to it automatically..

this is for a minor program that i put it in every remote pc under scheduled task, where each will send the file daily.

thanks in advance