please do i go about it, i am writig a project on file compressing system and i am to develop a sofware that would compress files and i have tried using but i am recieving alot of error messages..i need your help..and what is the best language to use to develop such a software if using java is not appopriate

most likely, the best language for you to use, is the language you know well enough to program in.

if you don't know Java, I wouldn't recommend trying to do this in Java, since this is going towards advanced material.

if you try in, and get a lot of error messages, sometimes it's best to solve the errors, instead of switching languages.

So far, my advice would be: analyse the problem, and write the appropriate code. test your code piece by piece, whether by unit tests or during development until you've finished.

If you want to continue, please do, and when you get stuck: post the relevant code, relevant error messages and a good description of the problem here. It'll help us a lot trying to help you

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