I am trying to learn java on my own. I have downloaded the Java 2 platform standard edition (J2SE), but it does not have javac.exe so that I can compile a program!
Would somebody please help me!

are you sure javac is missing. Remember you need to add the path to javac.exe to your %PATH% (windows) or $PATH (linux) environment variable.
for example type echo %PATH% at a windows command prompt, and see if the path to the bin directory inside where you installed J2SE is present.

If it isn't you need to add it, you can use SET, at the command prompt:


Where I have put C:\J2SE replace that with where you nstalled J2SE

The GUI way to do this is to right click My Computer and choose properties, on the advanced tab is an environement variables button, click it, you can set you PATH variable there. you may need to log out/in or reboot for it to take effect I can't remember.

I did add the path. But there is no javac there!!! :sad: There is no javac anywhere in my computer:sad:

it's sounds to me then that you downloed the JRE (RE stands for run-time environment) instead of the JDK (DK Developer Kit) only JDK will have javac.exe

Great thanks. I installed JDK and the problem is solved.
many thanks

hey thx the echopath in set path worked thx for tht