i'm developing my app which be done by vb.net for calculating aluminum measures and profile cutting list
now i connect results with database and get list of different sizes in all profiles but i want to add code to optimize these measures for stock length ex. i have parts :
45 cm --->20
120 cm --->15
75 cm --->25
110 cm --->5
and i have stock :
600 cm --->5
650 cm --->6

so i want code for cutting opimization of these parts with stock
i need help for code ...i searched alot on net no code found at least to start with...

You need help with the code or with the logic of the optimization?

Maybe if you explain the logic somebody can help with the code.

the problem that i don't know when to start ..
what code i will use ..i made manual code to select measures from dvg and transfer to textboxes then calculate manually but i want to make something like "real cut 1d " or " smart 1d cutting" apps. i try to open code of them using reflector but i coudn't ...plz help

the problem that i don't know when to start

You start by writing the parts that you can and stubbing out the rest. Then you can ask specific questions about the stubbed out parts. When I see phrases such as "I want to make something like..." my first impression is that you haven't really thought about what you want to do. If that is the case then you are going to have to put some effort in up front.

Maybe you need to know what you are doing could be called. Here's a google using what I think you are looking for.


As you can see this leads you to the old "bin packing problem" and now you have a lot of prior discussions you can check over. It's an old question with what must be centuries of thought on it.

But if you don't know what folk called it, you would be hard pressed to find priors.