Hi Dw.

I would like to know how can i auto type and submit a form using vb.net, I'm not using Webbrowser or should I use it? I just saw another post similar to this except that the OP requested to auto click the button. What I want is to type on a website form and submit and get respond back.

The website only has 1 textbox and 1 button.

Thank you.

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Yes, you should use WebBrowser, and the post that clicks the button would help you, because you need to type the text and then click the button, right?

Yes. Thats true. Will try investigating code of doing this because I haven't done this. Is it also possible to it the condition was met to redirect the user from this site to another. This is similar to login, except that its only has one input text which is validated and once valid normaly you are redirected to where you want to but I want to redirect to specific site, or getting the response as valid or invalid?

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