I want to create a web service,the theme this service is it has two take parameters as two audio files and generate a text file as output file.
How would I host this service in server and call this service with server url name?

If I call the url like above from an application I have to get the output as a text file.
That is to be stored in my local machine.
Please help me in this

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If I understand your question, you want to send your local file names to server and then server read them and calculate the response.
When you send your request to server (HTTP-GET), the server is not able to read your local files. You need to send files binary data to server instead of their name. Or you need to put all your binary data to server web service application folder.

This is a pretty vague question, but here are some thoughts to help you get on the right track.

The Service:
This project would be web application with Webapi. You would create a Webapi controller. Once you create one, it has the main template with different methods which you can call. It gives you different GET and POST methods so you can see how they need to be set up. As stated by another user, you can not directly post a wav file. You can pass the files in a "multi-part form" though. This will allow you to stream in the content of the files and manipulate them through the service.

Hosting the service:
As for hosting, you can do this a number of ways. You can either create this as a service using something like OWIN, or you could host this as a web application by publishing the application to a, IIS (Internet Information Services) web server. If you want to run it locally on your machine, you just need to install IIS on your local machine. It is pretty simple to do and there are many great tutorials out there on how to do this if you need more help.

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