guys i recently used this following code in my project,,

after adding the above form in my project i added microsoft active x control in my reference,,cos the above code needs it,,,,

i also have added microsoft dao 3.5 in reference before i added the above form,,,

then i tried running the program,,,
i get an error tellin "error no13, type mismatch" which highlights the line of that form which links to the new downloaded form
set db=("location")

pls help me,,,i've gotta complete my project in few days time,,pls,,,

That should be either 3.51 or 3.6. Try removing the 3.51, add the 3.6 (DAO) hit ok. Now go back and use the uparrow to make 3.6 the fifth entry...

Dim Db As DAO.Database
Set Db = DBEngine.OpenDatabase("PathFileNameOfDatabaseToOpen")

Good Luck

hey i need to integrate this code within my project to upload the photos of students into the data base,,,it keeps showing one or the error which im not able to understand cos im not such a gr8 programer in vb,,

the link to my project is:

i need to integrate the code in the link

i need to add this in forms that are used for updating details,creating a new account,,,pls help me out,,,,

and the admin password in the project is :: namrata

guys,,pls help me out,,,,,pls,,

Okay, I have read your PM and my code example is the same as the example you have provided (Only my example shows you the root of the object tree, that's all.). Now, have you moved the 3.51 DAO or the 3.6 DAO reference up through the references dialog? So that it is above the ADO reference? Please do that before you retry the code in the link you posted.

Good Luck

Recieved your PM and I have some advice for you. First, start a new project and add a reference to DAO ONLY. Then copy that code and give it a try, otherwise my next question will be how much are you willing to pay...

Good Luck