I have an android application where user will input data about car. When they are done, they will press a button to sync their data. That is, on pressing the button it will call a rest webservice (Jersey) to synchronize the data with the server which will store the data in mysql.
I'm using hibernate/JPA/spring 4/jdk1.8 for the server side.

So basically both entity (android and server) should be same so that synchronization can take place. I'm having an issue when I'm synchronizing date. Both entity is using the same library java.util.date. Am getting this error : Can not deserialize instance of java.util.Date out of START_OBJECT token

If both side is string , I don't have any issue. Any solution for this? I think the java.util on android and the one use in server side are not same.

this is very little information to go on. Can you provide us with some of your actual code and config files?