Is the ordering of checking if a number is between two values important? I figured this would be pretty simple to do but its not working.

if(0 <= (int)strings[p][0] && (int)strings[p][0] <= 9)
    printf ("NUM: %s\n",strings[p]);;
    printf ("ID: %s\n",strings[p]);

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Are you looking for a digit in the first position here? Because if you are, the characters '0' through '9' don't have values 0 through 9.


Are you saying my cast didn't work? That is why I casted it.

That cast converts a char numeric value to an int by padding it arithmetically.
What you seem to want is to parse a character value in the range '0' - '9' to the numeric value it represents.
Remember the char '0' is a numeric value of decimal 48 in ASCII

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