Hye dear !
please till how barcode reader read and put code in VB6 textbox.for example in the General store software.If you have any example please send me.
zeb noon

you need not write any code for that.

the device reads the code and the value is populated on any control that has focus, that may be any editable control in any application or simply a notepad.

dear das plz explain i didnt use it b4?

you need not write any code to capture the input from device.

If you want to process the input data further, write your own logic.

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dear das!
i connected barcode scanner with my pc via USB ,light is working but when i scann barcode it does not put any code in textbox.plz help me.

does your control have focus during scan ?

yes i checked it on MS Word,excel and in note pad ,it does not put code ?

thx das i solved problem ,again thank you very much
i am marking this threade solved and will open new one with new topic.

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