hi all, I m developing a software in vb6 as front end and oracle 11g as backend (i.e. as database) I have desinged some reports with oracle reports builder, how i can call in vb6 program/how to add the oracle reports in vb6 programe. Thanks in advance for help.

Does the Oracle Report Builder expose a COM, DCOM or .NET interface? If so, just use VB6 built-in object browser and check the functions / methods that come with Oracle Reports.

VB6 and the other VB dialects all come with an Object Browser. The hard part is to find what the exposed API objects are. You can just use the Object Browsers drop-down and check whether you find something that looks like it could be the Oracle reports.

Thank u very much for ur reply . I have checked the object browsers and find Report under library heading and OralceReportingControl under Class heading, I have included the same in a form, But I do not haVe any idea how to use it, can u give me some code to use the same, I will be very thankful to u.

Further i would like to add for inform that OracleReportingcontrol is an OCX file.

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