I do have my own VB6 mp3-player, which uses "Un4seen BASS.DLL" audiolibrary to play mp3 files. It works fine, but it doesn't support reading album cover (picture) from ID3V2 tags. For reading tags in text format, I use imported vb6 class module, that I found few years ago. But there isn't any methods for reading album cover, either. Someone suggested using AudioGenie3.dll with VB6 wrapper and here is the function:

Public Function ID3V2GetPictureFile(ByVal FileName As String, ByVal Index As Integer) As Integer
ID3V2GetPictureFile = ID3V2GetPictureFileW(StrPtr(FileName), Index)
End Function

Return value: Int16 normally -1, 0 on error or index not present
Filename: Name of the file where the picture will be stored
Index: index from 1 to picture frame count

Ok, but how can I pass the source mp3 filename for that function:

result = AudioGenie.ID3V2GetPictureFileW(Filename, index)

Does anybody have any suggestions or other example codes for that?

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You will need to declare a new instance of the Audiogenie dll first -

Set MyAudioGenie As New AudioGenie

Now call the result from your code above...


Yes, I'll have to create a new instance of that Audiogenie class, but couldn't find any method for passing that source filename. But I was too much in a hurry, because after reading information text from the beginning of that class module, there is this explanation:

Dim Genie As clsAudioGenie
Set Genie = New clsAudioGenie

So, there is that method, I was looking for. Thank's for your answer!

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