Hey I have a question, how many people actually use telerik? Does anybody have experience with it, and what are your opinions on it? To me it is just another third party library that nobody knows, but I want an opinion on it from actual seasoned developers. I have worked on a few projects before where people just started throwing in random libraries, and they became unmaintainable. This is one of the reasons I ask. Due to my past experiences whenever I see a company with Telerik on it's webpage I feel squeamish. Is this reaction from bad experiences justified, or what do you all think on Telerik?

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My experience is to keep it simple (KIS.) My longest living project didn't use a simple third party tool or add ons. It's my Duracall Rabbit of apps.

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That seems to be the way to go. Keep it simple stupid. Thanks for your answer, others feel free to answer too.

I haven't used telerik specifically before but I wanted to mention that there is absolutely nothing wrong with using a third party to solve outstanding problems with a project. Sometimes it is just more cost-effective (not just in dollar value) to purchase another company's tools rather than trying to solve something yourself. You will need to do your homework on each tool that you use though, but often companies will offer a trial period for their products.

commented: Thanks for the thoughts. I usually do try to make life easier with third party, but sometimes the stuff is of questionable quality. +3

Been using Telerik at various companies, so IMO it's widely used. My experiences are mixed. As long as you use their stuff in a straightforward way, everything is nice and shiny. As soon as you need something more advanced or customized problems are arising. The help forum is only helpful if you have a recurring issue or if you present a barebone project with your issue. The latter is often not easy to reproduce in large systems. All-in-all I do think that the Kendo version for ASP.NET MVC is better than their legacy stuff.

commented: It's good to know it's widely used. I also appreciate your opinions on it's issues aswell. ty. +3

Thanks everybody, I am really a beginner in the world of "production programming", so I have very few experiences with other peoples software, and unfortunately the few experiences I do have are not that great so far. I appreciate being able to hear from more seasoned developers than myself, using somebody else as a litmus test is useful to me. Also, anybody else who wants to comment go ahead and post I will keep revisiting this thread for a while.

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