How would I go about creating a forum system in ASP .NET similar to that of this site? Did you create this forum system Dani? Any tips for me? Thanks, help is greatly appreciated.


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This forum system is called vBulletin, and it is written in PHP. The 'nicest' ASP.NET forum system is written by the ASP.NET guys at Microsoft (and I've contributed too), called the ASP.NET Forums.

That's very nice but I wan't to create my own :) I love the challenge, got any tips? Or do you think maybe I should just use the asp forums lol.

The ASP.NET Forums is a product of the hard work from many people. Unless your some genious, you wouldn't be able to create a brand new Forums system, in the time it has taken for the ASP.NET Forums (a few months...). The ASP.NET Forums are open source, so it could be valuable to you to view it's code.

If you want to take on the challenge, go for it ;-). I'll be here to answer questions :)

thanks :) I downloaded the source code, I haven't had a look at it yet but I will soon. Am I allowed to modify it, but still leave the "Powered by asp .net forums" logo there somewhere?

Just a few design issues I'd like ot change is all :)

Yeah, especially if its design-related. The forums support skinning, so you shouldn't even need to hack the code to get what you want :-).

That's pretty neat. Where is all the instructions on this lol, save me annoying the hell out of you.

Ok dude, just a few questions on this(sorry for the bother):
oh, and could you please be fairly specific on the details, I haven't used C# before :)

How do I skin it, what files need editing?
can I skin the emoticons/add my own, if so can you elaborate (how to do it lol)

Thanks you so much Tekmaven, I owe you one :)!

Another one, how to I import the project files, I am getting errors for some of them. The web one is the main one I would like to get into though, so I can change the aspx files to suit my sites design.

Have you got any tips on skinning the forums?

plz give me the link so that i can download the code for forums using

If you got the Forum source code please give it to me. Plz mail me to <EMAIL SNIPPED>

Thanks and Regards,

Closing down this thread as it is getting wrong attention.
If you want forum build from ASP.NET then use Google to search for it

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i have Forum

Please help me

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