I'm looking for a user login (or identity) tutorial/example on MVC5 that uses an existing SQL Server database and user table, so NOT code first, and NOT using Entity. Can't see the forest through the trees apparently, because I cannot seem to find one.

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I've merely dabbled in ASP.NET, wrestling with its quirks and most notably Entity Framework and the use of existing databases. It would have been nice if during my first steps I had known the darn thing added a pluralizing "s" to my non-english tables resulting in one of the most nonsensical data models I've ever had the horror.. I mean honor of designing.

Old personal frustrations aside, perhaps this recent post describing the setup of Identity 2.0 without Entity Framework (I'm assuming it's DB First since it builds on his previous post where he used EF and DB first with Identity 1.0) will be of some help for further research. It seems like a lot of hoops requiring lots of jumps to even get a barebones system going.

Good luck with your efforts.

PS bring an axe just in case

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Your post led me to this post eventually, which is basically what I want. So let's see if I can get this running.

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