I have been using Eric to develop Python2.7 code for a while.
I have just tried to look at Python3 and cannot figure out how to do it in Eric.
Setting > Preferences > Python says Python2 uses .py extension, Python3 uses .py3
I create hello.py3

#!/usr/bin/env python3
from platform import python_version
print ('version info ',  python_version())

If I run it in Eric I get
('version info ', '2.7.6')
but if I run it in a terminal I get
version info 3.4.3

How do I get Eric to use Python3?


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Check whether the python3 interpretter is set in Preferences -> Debugger -> Python3.

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Yes that was it. Added /usr/bin/python3 as the Python3 interpreter and now it runs .py3 as python3 code.

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