I'm building a C++ applicaiton and have very little to do with HTML in the past.
I'm using wxwidgets at the moment but want to try to use HTML. Is that realistic?

With HTML can I build a GUI and use it like a normal GUI or am I missing a fundamental point here?

Is there a HTML gui creating program I can use for this kind of thing?

I'm still looking into it but just thought that if there was an obvious choice out there then someone well versed
in this field may be able to tell me.


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This should be in te c++ section but i will try to answer. So you want to build ab interfece in html? Maybe try fetching the source of the webkit project (render engine used in safari and chrome) ad maybe use that as your render engine? Im not very experienced in c++ , just a suggestion.

Thanks. I've taken a look an it's definetly something along this line.
I'm pretty vuage about html so still need to learn the terminology.

Awesome, hope I helped!

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