Hello guys. I successfully loaded local files in Spring Web MVC Application, such as javascript files, css files or image files. They were working fine untill yesterday. All the pictures are not being rendered in JSP view. An error is shown similar to that of title. Here is my configuration.

======= HTML CODE ==========
<img src='<c:url value="/resources/images/seat_info.png"/>' alt="${ImagePath}">

======= XML CODE ==========
<mvc:resources mapping="/resources/**" location="/resources/" cache-period="31556926"/> <mvc:annotation-driven />

An earlier version of this software is working as expected (i.e. loading pictures). So what could be wrong ?

If you have backup copies of your web pages and source code (you do, don't you?), then compare them to what is in the web server directory tree. You may have been compromised. See if there are differences. If you don't have secured backups (shame on you!), then you will have to do a visual inspection of the code. Stuff that was working yesterday and doesn't today usually indicates enemy action! Especially if you are the only person who has direct access to those files to change them!

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