Hi everyone I am new with you. I study in the university, they teaching us many programming languages. I wont you to help me to found the best to focus on. thank you by the way I am good in java ...

It seems you are missing a few tags... What you will find in software dev- is that things are often organized into toolchains, and you can mix'n match. For instance if you know python, you're going to pretty much work on a lot of OS/script specific stuff, you'll probably also know C, and C++. I am not sure what else a python dev will know, it is not as familiar to me.

If you know .NET, you'll probably work with either C#, or VB, possibly both. You'll learn SQL for sure, because that's the defacto for interfacing and querying with the database. There are a few options for databases, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server (Microsoft) etc. Typically C#, and VB developers work with SQL Server, but I have seen VB jobs which use Oracle. The Database was originally the solution for enterprise islands of information. When you have more than one DB things tend to get messy, so if you ever have the option don't mix'n match the databases.

Most Web developers will need to know JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and probably some sort of server side scripting language like ASP.NET, or PHP, Server side JS, etc. If your languages are mostly Microsoft specific you'll probably need ASP.NET, although I am seeing lots of JS jobs out there too.

So essentially what you need to know is that when you develop, you can't really choose only one language to develop in, you're developing infrastructure. Infrastructure requires quite a few tools to do your job effectively. I do have a favorite language, although that's sometimes a liability. My favorite is C#. I am equally good at Java.

**My toolchain will probably look like this; C# .NET, JS, CSS, HTML, ASP.NET, SQL (Specifically MS SQL Server). **

//danni there appears to be a problem with the bolding, previous sentance.

Java developers typically use Oracle or MySql for databases. Everybody needs web development tools like JS, HTML, and CSS. I am assuming that most of us are web developers these days. Apparently if you're only developing shell tools you'll have a more OS specific tool chain.

Well, you need to describe what areas are of most interest to you as a career. Java (C++ with training wheels, as is C# and such) is a good place to start to learn programming basics, algorithm implementation, etc. Most 1st class programmers I know are capable of programming in any number of languages - C, C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP, VB, C#, and others - the languages I have used in the past in my professional career include: x8048 assembler, x86 assembler, Fortran, Basic (many dialects), C, C++, Dibol, Cobol, SmallTalk, Prolog, PHP, PL/SQL, T-SQL, Lisp, JavaScript, Java, ... and more I can no longer remember... :-) When asked what programming language I use, I answer "YAPL". With a confused look on their face they ask "What is that?" Ans: Yet Another Programming Language. And yes, I am familiar with APL (Another Programming Language - very much math-oriented), but I have never used it professionally! My good friend Michael Beeson (chairman of the UC San Jose math department) uses it extensively.