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Hello guys, I am Toni Hacker, i browsed through this forum and I saw you guys really talk more about programming. i wanna make an operating system but i need a team. please its gonna be an open project. I need your advice and help. anybody care to help

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An operating system like Linux, Windows, OSX, iOS etc?
That's a massive project.
What are your goals? How will you know when you have succeeded?

Instead of writing an OS, why don't you join a team working on the linux OS ?

What a scary project you are aimming? Anyway, if you want to build a toy OS, you can try Cosmos. Cosmos is like a OS lego.

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Brothers it is not impossible but difficult I plan to start by create it for smart phones first before moving to PCs and etc. now what I need is a very good kernel and firmware then the best language to use. I like c++ and java. but cyberg os must be built by developers for developers. users can also use it. It just that i want something that will unlock every programmers inner desires.
By the way Gribouillis, i would consider your offer.

why didn't you just post that here:

Since this isn't actually a post concerning technical issues you are having with any of the languages you tagged, the tags don't really apply here.

Why do you want to create it for smartphones first, by the way? I doubt it's easier.

No offense, but this seems a little fishy.

The way you are posting on every level possible makes me think you are going to try and find anyone. You also claim it's going to be open, but there's a side of me thinking you might be wanting more from it (you should probably have a written contract before you make a move, else some might get the impression you are trying to get free labor).

Again no offense, but the way this is written, has alarms going off in my head like crazy

I agree with JOSheaIV that this seems somewhat hinky. However, if you are in fact sincere, you would find a better forum for this matter at the OS-Dev forum, which covers issues related to this in greater detail.

However, you do not - I repeat, DO NOT - want to post this sort of help request there, especially in the "OS Development" or "OS Design and Theory" fora (that's what the "Announcements, Test Requests, & Job openings" board is for), as the posters there do not suffer fools lightly. You want to read the OS Dev Wiki before posting anything there, especially the Introduction, How to Ask Questions, Beginner Mistakes, Required Knowledge, and Getting Started pages. In particular, the section on Teamwork is relevant here:

The number one beginner mistake seen in the Announcements forum. They usually come in one of two forms, although they have quite a bit of overlap:

Community Projects
Don't overestimate your chances of getting people interested in your project. Even the more successful projects usually consist of one, perhaps two people actually working on the code. And that is not due to a lack of need.

Brooks' Law states that the more people on a project, the longer it takes. The only way around this is to split the project into parts that you get people working on and only on that part. Good luck.

There are some things you need for standing a chance (and avoid being painfully told that you are a failure):
* If you have no established codebase, people will not join because they can see you lack experience and expect the project to fail.
* If you lack a (worked out) design, people will not join you because they can't see how your OS is more interesting than their own design.
* If your reputation doesn't precede you, especially the more experienced people will be very wary of you and lack the trust to join.
* If you don't have project management skills, the few rare people that do join will quit shortly because they are discussing stuff and do not get to code.

People that join nevertheless are usually worse programmers than the people for which this list was composed.

commented: True, a post like that could be like dipping toe in lava pool. +7
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GUYS, you all got a point, but am really seriouss on this and I ain't doing this to gain somebody's money I just wanna great an os with anyone who is serious and ready to start with me. this project is just to create things the way a developer wants it. Also depite I do a lot on development I am more of a graphics designer than a developer. Also if God permits I shall create a web page for the project Cyberg.You guys can start pouring your Ideas anyway. #Schol-R-LEA I am goonna go there too and discuss this same issue.Thanks, you too #JOSheaIV

I worry that you may have no idea just how large a project it would be to write a new OS that could possibly be an alternative to what's out there already. Certainly hundreds of man years, more likely thousands. And you haven't given anyone a really compelling reason yet. Maybe you can answer this simple question:
When your OS is finished, why would anyone use it rather than iOS, Android or Linux?

Schol-R-LEA I am goonna go there too and discuss this same issue.

OK, then. Just make sure you have read and understood the wiki pages I linked to previously before posting anything there. I am not kidding about the forumgoers being a bit prickly - a lot of would-be OS devs have posted something like this there in the past, and the regulars are not very kind towards newbies who don't take the wiki's advice to heart. While they are not nearly as vicious as they were, say, five years ago, they will give you a hard time if you post there without careful consideration about what you want to say, and which message board you want to post to.

Seriously, I would suggest you lurk there for at least a week, and search the forum archives for previous answers, before even saying hello. Otherwise, you'll be stepping into a lava pool, as rproffitt put it.

I think you are not trying to build an OS but a distribution. As said before a linux-based one would be by far the best choice.

Check about Phoenix OS and Remix OS they are android-based OS's that are you used in PC. I think you can achieve something like this (not the same). Hope that serve you as inspiration but take into account what was said by the others above.

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