I know PASCAL programming language;

Know i can't decide to learn which programming language.... I don't know if i start C or C++ or C#... or others..

I hope you will guide me in this way, so thanks for replying and guiding me.

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C++ is a hard, but very powerfull language. C++ is pretty much made from C, so that's not the way to go.

C# has really cool features, and it's a bit easier to use then C++, but it also has several disatvantages (For example, it's decompilable).

I would say C++, but it's up to you.

Greetz, Eddy

I agree. Go with C++. C# is for a specific arena so you would be better off IMO learning a general tool.

C is easier, but C++ is becoming more universal, and will be easier to learn if you don't already know C (again IMO).

This basically depends on where you want to focus :

1) If you want to orient your thinking in the programing direction without worrying about the resistance offered by the language (which obvioulsy is a feature of C and C+++) then you would be best off starting off with PYTHON which lets you do more of thinking about the problem at hand.

2) If you want to learn a powerful language which is basically used in all fields then decide between C++ and PERL but be prepared to be lost in oblivion every now and then.

It would be better if you chose the language which influences the direction in which you want to move in your future or which is basically used for software development in your country.

Hope i didnt confuse you.


Thanks for all these nice messages ...

I am learning Computer Engineering in Turkey and its my First class.... so i want to be a Programmer not to focus in just one program, in this case i ask you about the steps to learn in programming language after above programs that i know.
So it doesnt matter how hard or easy is a language , i must learn all them because this will take a part in my life and its my future career and job. So Could you write me the steps of programming langauge to learn ( Wanna use your nice experiences) .. Thanks alot

From your way of saying it looks like you want to be a generalist who wants to understand the cocepts of computing which are not dependent on any language and just understand the way things work.

I hope you have good intrest in MATHS coz every good computer science should have a healhty mathematical background.

Also you should start from understanding the baics of computing like the various number formats, how memmory is allocated, wat is segmentation etc. that is genral concepts releatd to computers.

Then you can go ahead and understand the common data structures like Stack, Queues etc. which are lang. independent and form the basic abstract data types.

To develop an algorithmic mind which concentrates more on how to solve the prob. rather than how to write the prog to solve the prob. u can start off with PYTHON.

To know how actually diffucult progg is and how to manipulate the primitive things like addressess in memory u can start off with C or C++.

Acc. to me never start off with JAVA since it makes you feel everything is so good and white in the software development world coz its so easy with all the built in classes.

Well thats to it, if u find this useful pls post ur feedback.


Thanks alot , it was so useful for me... I decide to start 3. step with Python and So following C . Thanks for sharing your informations..

Feels good to guide someone, but if you have doubts still now or if you dont believe wat i have said u can wait for the admins or the moderators or some other person to replly for your post.

Bye. Take care.

Thanks alot from you , But it will be nice to have some Admins or Moderators or some other friends opinion about,, thanks

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