Hi all,

I hava to do a small project about Multithreading in Java. The project must relate to Multithreading, realtime, struglle (the project must be a complete program and it returns a result). I have never been studied about Java, so could you give me some projects ?

I look forward to receiving from you soon.
Good luck to all of you !

Hoang Van Cuong

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think for yourself, that's one of the things they're trying to teach you.

Who would give you a project in java about multithreading when you've never done java before?

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My professor did provide the idea for my class's multi-threading assignment so here goes one for you sir:

Multi-threaded Client-Server application - Have a client connect to a remote multi-threaded server that stores and returns a key-value pair. There is your general concept. Now on how to implement it, that'll be up to you...good Luck and be sure to keep us updated, thanks.

Who would give you a project in java about multithreading when you've never done java before?

He probably SHOULD have done Java before but didn't :mrgreen: :cheesy:

Hey man, can I write this program for you?

Hi all,

Yes, that is action between Client and Server that we know it well, Howerver, It 's not enough time for me to start from begining to study Java, if you have an sample (code), Please send me to consult.

Thanks a lot.
Good luck !
Hoang Van Cuong

tough luck. If you'd paid attention in class and done your homework you'd have known what you needed to know.
We're not here to help couch potatoes get degrees they don't deserve so they can become our colleagues. We'd just have to do your work as well on the job because you're too lazy to do it yourself.


Edition 6 of dietel book how to program in java has a good multithreading examples. you can learn from it if you want to....

try any of the open source projects on SF.net http://sourceforge.net/people/
and you can choose any one of my projects - all of them are multithread applications, heavy networking and Java

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