Hi Dw.

I'm new to C++ nor Win32 app dev. I want my app to stay open or running even if I'm not interacting with it. And how to write a close call.

In VB to close it you just right:


How can I achieve these two? Also how to remove the title bar as well with those 3 buttons(minimize,maximize,close)?

If you're writing for only windows, one way would be to use the .net libraries. With the latest version of Visual Studio you get fairly good realtime syntax handling and Intellisense as well as being able to create a C++ project that will interact directly with the .net librairies, that you're already familiar with. Also there is a community version that is free.
If you want a really steep learning curve you could try programming with the Win API directly. One main disadvantage is, if Microsoft makes a change to a function you've been using you're forced to revise your code.
For GUI programming for other OS's there are other librairies available as well. Some will even integrate with with Visual Studio.

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