I tried to install django after python installation (3.4.0 version), the problem began when i tried to run the simple command: "pip install django" via the cmd - it did nothing (descending line and writes nothing). I forced it to apply the installation using the command: "python -m pip install django". Although it was declared that the installation was successful, when I run, for example, the command: "django-admin --version" it did nothing as well, but when i run the command: "python -m django-admin --version", it says that: "python.exe: no module named django-admin".

In general, each command associated to pip or to django does not work, such as: pip help, pip X ot django X

Ps. I added the paths in 'Path' of the User Varuables and System Variables: C:\Python34; C:\Python34\Scripts

Do you have several Python versions? Sounds like the module is not installed for the python.exe that gets called when you type "python". Double check your PATH variable.

Also, why don't you try calling django-admin directly? Do this:

Locate your Python installation folder (usually C:\python34), in there there must be a "Lib" folder (not libs). Inside that one you'll see a "site-packages" folder. That's where Django should be if it was installed correctly.

Now, inside "site-packages/django" you'll find a "bin" folder with django-admin.py. Try running it from the command line using something like: python <path_to_django>\django-admin.py

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