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I'm trying to load sum of columns to text boxes. but it give me this error:
"Object cannot be cast from DBNULL to other types"
this is code :

query = "SELECT sum(fuel) as ttlfuel, sum(stationery) as ttlstationery, sum(salary) as ttlsalary, sum(vehicle_part) as ttlvp, sum(other) as ttlother FROM mcs.expenses WHERE datee BETWEEN '" & dtpisf.Value & "' AND '" & dtpist.Value & "'"
        Dim cmd = New MySqlCommand(query, con)
        Dim dr As MySqlDataReader
            dr = cmd.ExecuteReader()
            While dr.Read()
                Me.txtfuel.Text = Convert.ToDecimal(dr("ttlfuel"))
                Me.txtstationary.Text = Convert.ToDecimal(dr("ttlstationery"))
                Me.txtcollectorsalery.Text = Convert.ToDecimal(dr("ttlsalary"))
                Me.txtvehiclepart.Text = Convert.ToDecimal(dr("ttlvp"))
                Me.txtotherexpenses.Text = Convert.ToDecimal(dr("ttlother"))
            End While

        Catch ex As Exception
                If (con.State = ConnectionState.Open) Then
                End If
            Catch ex2 As Exception
            End Try
        End Try

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If one of your database columns does not have value then it will return NULL. You can either test for that before you try to convert or you can use a function in your query to return a default value (like zero). The MS SQL function is COALESCE as I recall. I'm about to go out but I can check this with an example when I return.

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there is data in database sir :)

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sir, please read query and tell me is query right or not

One thing to look at, is date supposed to have an extra e on the like you have?

I assumed that datee was a column in his table and was spelled that way because Date is a reserved word. I sill think the problem is because one or more colums is NULL. Should be easy to tell by setting a breakpoint at the first line within the while loop and examining the values in the datareader.

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"datee" was column name .

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