So my next problem is what mac is right and reliable for me?
I will be using my mac for:
- Writing word/pages docs
- Programming in C++ , Objective-c , Java and more
- Game development
- Powerpoint/keynote presentations
- A little bit of PhotoShop
- Music and personal uses
- A little gaming on steam

So what mac is right for me, the most things I will be using on my mac is programming, Game development , Presintations , word processing and daniweb.
Please answer as fast as you can , my budget is 1350$.

If you need portability, get a Macbook Pro - prices start at $1199. If you have a nice monitor and don't need portability, get a Mac Mini - prices range from $599 to $999. Then there is the integrated iMac - 21" models start at $1299. Here is a link to the Apple Store:

I think you could do that work all pretty well on a MacBook air.
Great battery life and super light!
The only thing that suffers a bit might be the gaming... but I think you should be fine. Maybe bump the ram for the Photoshop...

Go for Mac Mini, reliable easy to operate Mac system. I have one and use it for exactly what you do.

Mac Mini. You can go for a high configuration, and a good monitor.
A wireless keyboard/mouse will cost you $20. This will be cost effective and give you high performance

Macbook Pro.

indeed, excellent post. thanks for the advice. this post obviously helpful all others. as like as i like the mac book pro. had you the Adequate money i also recommended you to buy macbook pro. if someone interested or anyone will staying with any kinds of apple product Best of luck for them.

If you need portability, then get a MacBook Pro-price starts from $1299. It has 2.7 GHz of Processor, 128 GB of storage space and has in-built battery life of 10 hours.

Additionally, you can run Game development, Photoshop, and do other important personal stuff very easily.

I do all of that except for game development on my Macbook Air with no problems.

Given your stated usages, I'd suggest a 15" MBP with Retina display, with the optional 1TB SSD.

I bought a Macbook Air last year. It helped me a lot. Programming and playing games is so agreeable.

My wife is a physicist and her systems are all Mac's - a Mac Pro for work-type stuff, and iBook for gaming, internet, and such. Assuming you have a good monitor, keyboard, and mouse, then a mini is a good deal for the price.

the MacBook air ok is ok, upgrade the ram though. I have heard about something like external graphics.
look up the razoer blade stealth pc. it uses thunderbolt to connect to a external graphics card. who knows, this may work with a mac.

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