Can someone give me some programming ideas to keep my knowledge up-to-date? I received a masters degree in computer science back in December and been job searching since then. I want to tell an employer something.

My son decided to not do ANY community service and is now paying the price. No prior experience.

As to up to date knowledge, the field is always in motion (nod to the green guy) so I'd rather see folk keep the basics in view. That is, one of the companies I work with lost a year battling bugs for very simple and what I call basic reasons. While we can debate if outsourcing is good or bad, the coders ignored all compiler warnings and under their leader's guidance turned it off because "it's a distraction." That is, it worked in test so it's OK.

If there were canaries in this coal mine, they would have caused the canary to go extinct.

I'd consider heading back to your schools job office for any work. Even as a TA or volunteer.

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