Hello everyone, I need help with VisualState.StateTriggers. The message I’m getting in my xaml code is: The member “State Triggers” is not recognised or is not accessible. I have try to use Blend to generate xaml code for triggers but the small button for that doesn’t exists. My project is set to universal app. I’m using windows 10 with Visual Studio Community 2015. Anyone knows what could be a problem?

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If your xaml code has State Triggers the same as your post, remove the space, StateTriggers.

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Hi, I found a problem. It wasn’t empty space between words. The problem was that I have selected windows 8.1 universal app template. In windows 8.1 apps StateTriggers are not supported. The combination of outdated book and new source from MSDN brought me this problem. Sorry for taking your time for something like this.

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