Hi guys,

i have an assignment where i have to create a oop text based java game and have no clue where to start or what i need to include.

any tips?


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You start by chosing a game! If you can't think of one then try searching the web.

Its got to be an adventure game. but havent a clue on what the scenario can be.

Hve a look at other adventure games on the web and copy any ideas that appeal to you.

Do you know any good or reliable sites i can look at?

OK Bradley, it's time to get off your butt and start actually doing something. Nobody here is going to waste one more second on this until you start to show some effort and initiative.

I think you are having a little joke at our expense. :)
If you are not familiar with Java and don't know any text adventure games then who gave you that assignment, and why?

Its an assignment for uni and it hasnt been taught thoroughly and im struggling :(

Here's the thing. A Java course may rely on you learning something before you dive into coding. Here's a web search on something I find new programmers and sometimes old ones forget. Ready? https://www.google.com/#q=design+first+then+code

You've said little about your design or your prior apps. Maybe this is too big a project to tackle at first. Have you designed a bigger than a page of code app before? If not, back to the design step. No code required.

Basically when joining the course they said not to so they could teach us. but havent done that good of a job so we are struggling on this assignment.

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