hello guys
I created an app in visual basic abd i want it to be requsting for a password when installing it or transfering it from one computer to the other. I want to put security to it. Any help will be appreciated

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Not a simple topic. You need to do some research on this. There are many approaches to solving this problem. Which is best for you depends upon whether or not you want to pay for the tools, whether or not you want the package to be encrypted so that the password is required to decrypt it for installation, etc, etc, ad infinitum. Remember, Google (or DuckDuckGo) is your friend!

thanks rubberman...what you have said is exactly what i want( i.e the package to be encrypted so that the password is required to decrypt it) i have tried to reasearch but it seems i have no luck. will you please suggest some softwares that can do the job or how i can do it?

One suggestion is to distribute the package in a password protected zip file. If the package is installed rather than portable then it shouldn't be easy to manually copy from machine to machine.

thanks reverand for the suggestion.
i have tried to zip the setup file using 7-zip and it worked but the problem i noticed was that after entering password the first time it did not request for a password the second time i tried to extract the ziped files. does it mean i have done something wrong?

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