This may seem absurd at first but please read on.

Recently I've heard that a lot of people are installing Mac on standard machines made for Windows - either using hardware Virtualization or using some kind of tweak with their BIOS.

I also heard that Apple recently switched their working Archetecture to Intel processor making it easy to install their OS X on Windows machines.

Earlier last month a friend of mine also tried installing OS X on his Windows machine. No, he did not use VMWare or any emulator, he actually installed in on his HDD with a bootloader making it possible to boot OS X on his Asus' Intel powered machine.

Then I came across this video on YouTube and heard that people have been talking about Hakintosh and Niresh (try Googleing them).

Now, I want to do something similar with my Ultrabook with i5 processor and not loose support for WiFi driver (after all there must be some driver available for OS X on my hardware in this big world).

The device I am using is HP Envy 4 Ultrabook - 1046TX

What do you think about the idea?

P.S. I searched for similar threads on and found some people discussing about this idea, but none explained the whole concept so I started my own thread. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Thank you! :)

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Just google if osx supports your hardware components, then search for compatible kexts mainly on i did it a few times so compatibility is a MUST!

You can use Virtual box to spin up a virtual MAC OSX as a virtual machine on a windows host.

As Shulc said, there are tools out there that will enable the installation of OSX on compatible x86 hardware, but bear in mind that there is a LOT of cruft that won't run because of their dependence upon hardware/firmware that is unique to Apple systems. I would suggest that you first try CimmerianX's approach of trying to install OSX in a virtual machine running under either Windows or Linux.

Hi chetanbhasin,

You can do similar type of stuff by using the help of BootCamp.

It is a free utility from Apple Inc. through which any Mac user can install Windows on their system and use any one of them as per their requirement.
You can Google about Boot Camp for more information.

It really works. Thank you!

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