javac Cannot find my file after saving it in c:\program..\java..\bin!! i am using win 7 (64 bit). Following points are so confusing..
1. Even i cannot see the file in that directory form window!!
2. If i want to copy it 2nd time, windows ask me to "overwrit". (Means: file is there.)
3. have even unhide files.. but same problem!
can anybody help?

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Check whether or not it has the name/extension/... you expect it to have. Then, check your Windows configuration. show 'hidden files'.

Exactly waht command are you using?
Does your source file start with a package statement?

and if not, is there a package statement later on in the file?

The only thing (apart from comments) that can preceed a package statement is an annotaion on the package statement. So if there is a package statement later in the file, it's a compile error. (JLS 7.3)

Since you marked is as solved: what was the issue?

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