The problem:

I am want to create static websites for dynamic restaurants.
A restaurant enters their details and from this, I want to create a web page for each restaurant with their own unique details on thi html page.
So when I run them, in them will be their name, logo, opening times etc...
This will be all by the click of a button.

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So you don't want a static page at all. You want a template page that pulls through the data for the correct restaurant and displays it and styles the page.
You need a basic HTML layout in the format you like, a database that can hold the information for each restaurant and code that detects which restaurant is being requested (presumably from the URL), pulls it from the database and loads into the template.
You want something like Wordpress.

Hosting on a static website, no database? You might still be able to achieve something close to what you want with server-side includes if it has been enabled.

Thank you @Hericles!!!

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