I have created an Macro-enabled Excel file using Excel 2013, and I wanna integrate it with Visual Studio 2015.

I've created forms in VS 2015, and in that form, I have created several numeric textboxes. So my question is, how can I export all those values in the textboxes, to specific cells in the workbook that I've created, so that the workbook can compute its results, and then, extract those results back to VS 2015 forms.

I've searched and searched but most of the codes are related to either VBA, or VB.net or C#. (I've noticed that there are some differences with these languages, and they cannot really be used in VS 2015, correct me if I'm wrong.)

I'm from Civil engineering background and programming is not my stronghold. So can anyone help me here? Or where can I get decent reference to help in my project?

Thanks in advance!

I'm wondering as to why you'd want to have Excel do the calculation. If you are creating a forms application, and also do the calculation in your form, you're no longer dependent on having to have Excel installed to calculate your results.

As for importing/exporting from/to Excel, we use the EPPlus package.