Hi people,

I'm fairly new to this forum so errrm, Hi!

To the point, I'm a Computer Science Student at University. As the second academic year has now finished, I've set a few objectives for the next year: i.e. LEARN C SHARP!

I therefore ask if anyone here can aid me in generally becoming more famiiar with C Sharp's functionality. At the moment, i'm learning random stuff such as how to parse a string to an int, the different kinds of loops, a smple gui, using multiple methods in a class, the terminology used in C Sharp such as "Constructors, Methods, Instances, Passing, Local Variables" etc...

I would say i've come to the stage where I just need a small push, a form of mentoring.

If there is a good samaritan out-there (Which I'd like to think - there is...) who is willng to add me on Skype and help me learn C Sharp...then, i'd be forever grateful! Kindly reply to this thread or drop me a private message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

"Pffft, Usmaan....Why don't you use online tutorials"? You ask. Well, it's simple - I hate them :@ They don't make sense and I can't get a lot of feedback from what some of the contents mean.

This is Usmaan, is a miserable plight!


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I have to admit, that sometimes tutorials can be painful, because as you read it, there might by some other stuff you dont know, however, reading a C# book such as "Pro C# and the .NET 4.0 platform" would help you considerably. (Amazon are selling them cheap ^_^)


If you get stuck with part of a tutorial and get no feedback on the site, you can always post the section of code here and ask for help. There are plenty of solvers here who can explain the code for you :)

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