I was using booleans earlier in my class.
--> isProductRestricted
--> internal
--> isProductGlobal

I am using lombok too. So putting @Data at the top of class too. But, now I changed these boolean to Boolean variable.
I got errors where ever Object.isInternal() was used. I am not getting how isInternal() was working initially. There is no function in my class too.

Also, I am able to access boolean isProductGlobal using Object.getProductGlobal() bit there is "is" also attached to the productGlobal name. Can you please explain this? How is it happening here?

Thanks in advance.

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You seem to be calling those methods as if they were class methods for the Object class... which they're not.

No. NOt object class. Consider it as like this:

MyClass myClass = new MyClass();


OK, it's just that you used Object in your first post

When you say "got errors", exactly what error messages do yu see?

Thanks for your quick response.
Yes. By errors, I meant that they are not defined any more. This happened when I changed boolean to Boolean. I suspect this happens because of lombok.

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