Hi everyone!
Long story short; I got a Secugen Hamster IV finger print device. I want to use it in my hospital application to be used in identification of patients at the hosptl. However, I do not find this device to be useful in that they they dont' have current SDKs and they sell you a license which will limit the number of templates you can store. You will also have to buy the license again if you change the HDD for any reasons. I have spent many many hours on this device but nothing good.

Can anyone please advice me of a good device that;

  1. Provide current SDKs with sample codes (VB.NET....) and easy to program.
  2. No extra costs (like licenses for limited templates number)
  3. Cheap (yeah!)

Thank you.

rproffitt...thank you!

Yes, they have free SDKs. But for SecuSearch (which is the one that does 1:Many matching) they also say this:

There are two types of SecuSearch keys that you can create, temporary and permanent. Temporary keys (for product demos and your own internal use) are always free and last for 30 days. One license is created automatically when you install the SDK. Permanent keys cost $200 and can be obtained from me directly

That was the message from their sales person. And that is my problem, I don't want to buy a license after I buy the device. How does this sounds?

You claim up top this is " to be used in identification of patients " so why the one to many need?

You have John Doe right there and only need to verify it is John Doe.

As per my post, I'm not needing it for verification, I need it for identification. Currently when patients arrive at the hospital, they are required to give out their IDs, these are entered to the system to search and bring up that patient's information. I would like to make finger print option available, where, instead of a patient having to remember and bring his/her ID number, they can just scan his/her finger and the system would search the database for that patient using captured fingerprint (by matching it with other fingerprints in the database therefore 1:Many)

And, yes, that was an obvious link thanks.

And that's the rub. Companies that put out the one to many want to make revenue for their SDK and products. If you want to avoid that, you have to develop your own.

However you will discover that finding who this is via a fingerprint search will take longer and longer as your fingerprint database grows. You are walking into a time trap here. I can't know if you've seen such one to many searches before.

Here's my thought. You would taint your reputation as they wait minutes or longer for a match to be found.

Back to that obvious search. Since you didn't find a company giving it up for free, then you get to build your own.

Back to "Enter ID to search" world!

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