Hi all,
i am using a ribbon in my c# 2010 project, first i had .net framwork problem while i was running the form then i changed that to .net framework 4.0 now it says Win32 exception Unhandled. What is the problem? is the problem in debugger?

What do the properties of the exception tell you?

Capture.PNG will i'm using a ribbon and it gives a message in the add method. here is the picture.

Try using this.Controls.Add(ribbon1);

It would be more helpful if you showed us the "View Detail". Especially the inner exception. It usually would have more detail of what the issue is. More specifically if it is an issue being caused because you changed the framework and it does not support the older ribbon control.

Unfortunately we will not be able to help you that way :(. However, try to comment that line and try again if everything goes 100% well, in that case, there is a problem in the ribbon control?. Use a try/catch block in this segment of code and show us the exception detail it will be useful for us to help.

NOTE if you are using more than one control from these custom controls groups you have and each one of them did the same exception, try to change them and find another type of custom controls to use.

Microsoft Ribbon Control is not made for vb or c# .net application. You could not use it directly. You can use it for your wpf application. If you want to use it in vb or c# .net application you must have to create a user control by wpf.

i am still in problem guys, it didn't work some one said its debugger problem, how can i change debugger?

thank you all guys for your kind replies, i have found my answer as follow.
To disable the exception you need to edit the registry. In the Registry Editor (regedit command) window, locate and delete the follow registry keys:

@Hanif1993. Didn't that just disable the JIT debugging? I fear your app will crash when deployed on other PCs.

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