Hello everybody,

I'm doing a colleague a favor by looking into a VBA formula to make her reporting tasks a little easier, poor her, but I need help myself now.

this is how her tabsheet is set up:


this is how the end result should look like in the printer tray:



some facts:
- the values in column B ("APE", "APF", ...) are the 'seperators'. I tried to define a loop where the module selects the data until it finds an empty row, but there are 2 empty rows for each value in column B (e.g. for APE = row 7 & row 11) and it got me confused.
- the number of rows that need to be printed on a seperate page are dynamic: e.g. for B5 = "APE", one day it's 2 persons, the other day it's 15.
- the title in cell D2 should show on each page
- the number of columns doesn't change

Could use the help, thanks in advance!

Are you using Excel ?

if so then write your results to one sheet. Then put a page heading in, via Page layout, then hit print button. You can scale it to get more on a page, etc.

To print footers or headers on each printpage in Excel read this article.
How to use page breaks, you could read this
You specified vb.net if so, we like to see some code and were in the code it doesn't work.