i started visual basic in access and wnted to use INSERT INTO ,
thats the code:

Dim arr As String
arr = "INSERT INTO customer product(user) VALUES('" & user.Text & "')"

thanks for help

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Is you table name actually customer product - 2 words?
If yes, then you'll need to quote it
arr = "INSERT INTO 'customer product'(user) VALUES('" & user.Text & "')"

The INSERT command expects the first name after INSERT INTO to be the table so it doesn't know what to do with the word 'product'

hericles ,
there still a problem

hericles , there still a problem

I'm going to need more information than that. If you run the code what error do you get?

there is writen in hebrew.

I was going to copy and paste it into Babbelfish and see what the Hebrew to English translation was, but it's a photo so I can't. For a solution, you'll have to hope someone who reads Hebrew sees this thread.

Or here's a thought. Presumably YOU speak/read/write Hebrew. Maybe YOU can translate it into English.

Very informative post.

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