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heY, I need help....
I want to know about concept of combination between software and database on enterprise level software. Recently I develop software using Then I install mysql and connect these two software.
But this isn't the way enterprise level software.
Ex : In Quick Book Accounting package user don't need to configure database. It comes with software itself.
How could I do this with ?

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Study and work in the subject for about 5+ years and you might get a clue. FWIW, VBA and other Visual Basic versions are NOT used for enterprise class software, other than for writing user interface components. They then will typically send transactions to an application server (typically written in C++) to be processed, with the results returned to the VB application.

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Well I think its depends on the software type you are developing and also depends on its activities that it has to do. If your application will do activities that are assocciated with OS\Kernel then you will need to do that in low level language(s) like C++, but if there are already available resources as many developers out there each and every day try to innovate even the development of software meaning there are some groups who do develop things like DLL libraries which this can be used in High level programming languages which means now there are enterprise software that can be done in high level programming languages but with help of these libraries.

Some enterprise can also be done with High Level programming languages without the need of low level, but this send us back to that it depends on the activities your application will be performing.

But C++, Assemble are a must to have high quality software in terms of their performance/activities as with these languages you can do very deep activities including accessing/modifying assemble and more activities that work much close with OS files.

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