HI guys, I'm really new to SVN and today I've installed tortoise as I'm working in windows at the moment and I'm following this tutorial https://tortoisesvn.net/docs/release/TortoiseSVN_en/tsvn-qs-guide.html. So, I have a java project in Eclipse: I have created a local repository folder on my machine and imported a project in it. I've also created another folder where I've checked out the working copy of my project. Now, in Eclipse don't forget I still have open the original version of the project, what should I do with it? Should I just delete it and load instead the hecked out one?

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Sorry I should have said, I have already installed the subversion plug in in Eclipse. I think my question is more about where do I go from there, and if, in addition to that, there is more. In any case, it seems like I've been able to import the project from my working folder. This is what I did, just for clarity and sanity check:
1) I have my original project open in eclipse, let's call it my_project (this has been set up before doing any svn operation, it's my original project)
2)I created a repository folder called svn_repos
3)on my workspace I imported the my_project folder into the repository using the tortoise command import
4)created a folder Projects/my_project where I checked out a version of my project with the SVN checkout command
5)In eclipse, I removed the original project my_project and deleted it from the workspace as well
6)Still in eclipse I added a new repository location pointing it to file:///c:/svn_repos, then navigated to trunk and found a folder called my_project 2 (not entirely sure why it says 2 but hey), checked that out as a project with the name specified and I have a fresh copy of my project set up in eclipse, I compiled it and it works OK.

Now the questions:
1)is the above right?
2)If I want to make some changes to the files, how do I commit those changes through eclipse? SHould it be done through eclipse in the first place or tortoise (or is it up to me to decide which way)?
3)and most interesting question in fact: if I navigate to the svn_repos folder in the file system this is what it contains:
So I can't see my trunk folder and my app in it, is it normal?


Sorry for the late reply, I haven't logged in for quite a while, thanks for that, I will have a good look at it

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