Hi! I have create a simple desktop application (CRUD operation) using java derby by using the library "derbyclient.jar" I want to deploy it on another computer which not have netbeans IDE installed. I ''clean and build '' the project and a jar file created in dist folder of my project directory. When I ran this jar file , it ran successfully on my computer because it found java derby easily.

But when I closed my Netbeans IDE, and double clicked on that jar file , the application did not execute because it did not found java derby to connect.

I tried to found the solution on internet , in one solution i found that the library I used for Java derby i-e"derbyclient.jar" should also be placed in dist>lib folder. I did this but all in vain, i-e I faced same problme as told above.

Is there any method so that by using Netbeans IDE I could make executeable file of java program(which includes java derby database) so that I can run it independently on any other pc without installing Netbeans IDE?

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