Currently my PC is setup for .Net development using Visual Studio 2012. I'm starting to look at JAVA programming so I was wondering can the JDK and Netbeans/IntelliJ/Android Studio coexisit with my .Net Development environment? I do not want to install the JDK and the either if the IDE's and find VS/.Net start to complain.


I don't remember having any issues between the Java SDK and JDK with .Net.
I've had VS 2013 and 2015 on the same PC as the java dev tools, eclipse, netbeans and android studio without ever having a problem.
Just set your Java environment variables correctly during setup and everything should be fine.

I have been using VS2010 for .Net and Eclipse for Java and Android development and i have not faced any issue with both installed on same PC. Settings for to be done correctly while insatlling VS and JDK.

Back in college, on my laptop and desktop, I had NetBeans and Visual Studio 2012 installed on the same machine at the same time. It had no problem what so ever.

I personally can not think of one single reason why you shouldn't be able to run them both one one machine. of course that is assuming you are not working on a 486 desktop that should've been replaced two decades ago.

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