How can I make the URL displayed in the MessageBox clickable, such that when a user clicks on it, it will open the link in a web browser?

string msg = "MyApp | v1." + Environment.NewLine + 

"© 2016 MyApp" + Environment.NewLine + "All Rights Reserved." +

Environment.NewLine +

"For more information, visit: http://www.mysitename.com/myapp";


I want it to look similar to this screenshot below.
Screenshot of Speecy's About MessageBox

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Since your code is C#, I would suggest using a LinkLabel which is designed to accept links. If necessary this could be used in a modal dialog form. If you need to, you can review this code for a login form, which is simple enough to be modified for your needs. Also you can use the default About Box form which is included in the new items for C# projects.

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