Create a payroll program for 5 part timers for 1 month let the user program enter the name of 5 employee and the No. of hours per week. Based on the rank,calculate and display Net Salary based on the ff:

Rank Rate per hour
Instructor I Php 172
Instructor II Php 200
Instructor III Php 300

-Hrs per week should not be less than 20 and not more than 30
-Gross salary per week= no. of hours rate per hour
-Gross salary for 1 month= gross salary per week
-Net salary= Gross salary for 1 month * 90%

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We don't do your homework for you.

So, to move things forward, you'll need to be more specific than simply posting your assignment question and expecting others to do it for you.

Show us the code you have produced so far, and tell us where you are getting stuck, and then maybe someone can help...

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