Hi all
I Currently have a MDI Form that contains a DataGridView.
When I open a dialog form as a MDi MdiChildren the dialog form partionly hides behing the Datagridview. (I also tried with a windows form same thing happens).
Can any one help me solve this with out having to move the datagrid to a different form.
Here is the Code that I use to open the form.

 Private Sub btnRoom_Click(sender As System.Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnRoom.Click
        Dim frm As Form
        Dim opn As Boolean
        For Each frm In Me.MdiChildren
            If TypeOf frm Is dlgRoom Then
                opn = True
            End If
        If Not opn Then
            Dim room As New dlgRoom
            room.MdiParent = Me
        End If
    End Sub

Thanks in Advance.

For future reference.
Controls placed on the surface of an MdiForm show up in front of child forms by default.
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