I want to change keyboard key output string with vb.net and I have got some function how to do it.

But what to do with this functions:


Please give me sample code by using these functions.

  • the app loads keyboard string from a xml.

<keylayouts> <key keycode="77"> <normaltext>~</normaltext> <shifttext>^</shifttext>
sorry for my bad question but i need it.

I think this is your fourth question about the same problem you are trying to solve. While each post has a slightly different twist, they all seem to be about the same thing. But I never quite get what the problem is. That is, one time it's this, another time you write you can't use something and now this.

Rather than post this many times and never reveal the full scope of what you are trying to create, try telling the full story and what your app is trying to do.

The tag you chose seems odd as well. I don't see if this is a language or what OS is in play. By the function names I would be guessing Windows but now with Windows 1 to 10 and about the same in Windows Mobile and Phone, you may have to also tell what the target is as well as show your work to date and what language. May as well tell if you are using Visual Studio 2099 too.

Man i am using nokia so i cant select tag. And i am not good at english. But can you help me?

What i am trying to do is make a "tamil" language typing software.
When a user press the "a" key it will replaced by "ආ".

Can you help me? Rproffitt.
Yes or no
I will never ask